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Community Service 

I care deeply about the county and have the knowledge to get the job done to ensure the citizens and their pet friends are protected.  I will bring leadership and experience to serve the citizens and impact progressive changes. 


As your sheriff I will:


communicate directly with accessibility to the citizens of the county


  • Open line of communication. 

  • Transparency on issues in the community. 

  • Education for the youth to know your rights.


Community Service 

As your neighbor and future sheriff, I have demonstrated proven service and have a strong sense of the community's needs and expectations. I have been committed to the betterment of Hays County for most of my life. Starting off in the community as a Bobcat and seeing elected officials pass through our county without advocating for the continuing betterment and changing needs of our community, I knew a change must be made. I want to be the sheriff who helps break the cycle. As a Sheriff with hands-on leadership and community involvement throughout Hays County, I have:


Hays County Food Bank donated 100’s of hours, organizing and distributing food to the Hays County community.


Texas State University - 12 years

Mentored thousands of students

Voted by the Texas State University 2018-2019 Freshman Cohort as Texas State University Namesake in 2019


Hays Latino United/ El Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos - Assisted with provision of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 


City of Kyle Council member- Elected to serve a 3 year term involving:

Economic Development



Public Safety


Texas State University Citizens Police Academy - Acted as Director and volunteer teacher.


Certified Krav Maga Trainer for Self-defense courses


Taught classes on self-defense for sexual assault survivors, both men and women.  Classes included situational awareness, safety planning and communication. This class was accepted as an accredited course at Texas State University.

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