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In the fall of 2020, Alex ran for office and lost by a few thousand points to our current Sheriff. During the last election, there were many who engaged in SLANDER, FAKE NEWS, and other FALSEHOODS about Alex and his past employment as a law enforcement officer and Chief of Staff. Below are the TRUE FACTS about Alex. 


Alex is in good standing, and always has been. Wes Mau (former Hays County D.A.)  has stated multiple times that Hays County has NO BRADY LIST. Alex has NEVER been on a Brady List, because there isn’t one.

Alex is an honorable Peace Officer, and always has been.  Alex has never been under any official investigation and maintains an excellent personnel record with excellent performance evaluations. He left his position at Texas State with an honorable discharge. See documentation here:  

Alex is an outstanding officer, and does his job with integrity

Alex Villalobos: A Career of Professionalism, Exceptional Service, Dedication and Integrity

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