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Animal Welfare and Animal Protection

As your sheriff, I will provide the highest level of protection for animals in our county and take the lead to improve enforcement of laws related to the humane treatment of animals. Abusing animals in Hays County will not be tolerated.


The sheriff is responsible for the protection of the community – both people and animals. I am devoted to improving the lives of animals in Hays County and as Hays County Sheriff pledge to enforce animal cruelty and abandonment laws, fully prosecute offenders of the law, and strive to attain better training and accountability for the officers who are responsible for animal welfare. Additionally, I commit to establish a reporting system for citizens to report allegations of neglect and cruelty to animals.


This issue is of utmost importance, as it’s been proven that animal abuse is often a precursor to violence against people and is frequently associated with other types of criminal activity, such as substance abuse, possession of dangerous weapons, and other offenses.


Key objectives


·       Animal welfare-specific training for law enforcement officers


·       Prosecution for animal abuse


·       Animal cruelty task force and investigation


·       Animal neglect and cruelty reporting hotline



Not all victims can dial 9-1-1. See something? Say something!

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